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In data de 15 iulie 2013, magazinul on-line de corpuri de iluminat si electrice si-a deschis portile in mod oficial.


Magazinul de Corpuri de Iluminat si Electrice reprezinta rodul unei investitii romano-albaneze, oferind clientilor peste 2.000 de tipuri de lampi, veioze, aplice, lampadare,lumini stradale si obiecte de iluminat, in sute de modele diferite, multe din ele unicat pe piata romanesca.

Magazinul on-line isi propune sa devina o platforma de orientare si informatii pentru consumatorul roman, lipsit pana acum de alternative in privinta corpurilor de iluminat.

Vizitatorii site-ului se pot familiariza cu cele mai moderne modele de corpuri de iluminat dar si cu modele clasice, pot afla informatii despre tipurile de iluminat necesare pentru spatiile de munca sau cele de locuit si pot vedea modele de iluminat pentru case si spatii de odihna sau culturale.

Lampa clasica

Realizatorii site-ului, specialistii firmei Mark Lighting, ofera si consultanta la un nivel nemaintalnit de competenta pentru piata romaneasca pentru clientii firmei.

Firma Mark Lighting se afla pe piata romaneasca de peste 20 de ani, oferind produse de calitate, la un pret competitiv si mai ales punand la dispozitia clientilor solutii complete in privinta iluminarii si sistemelor de lumina pentru locuinte, resturante, hoteluri, vile de vacanta si institutii cu caracter social (primarii, gradinite, scoli etc.).

Firma Mark Lighting a oferit si ofera de doua decenii produse de iluminat, corpuri de iluminat si consultanta in domeniul decorarii si iluminarii domiciliului dvs sau locului de munca.

Produsele si experienta Mark Lighting se regasesc in zeci de obiective si sute de locuinte din Romania, Moldova si Peninsula Balcanica.

Mark Lighting nu este doar un vanzator en-gros si en-detail de produse de iluminat si electrice.

lapma clasic12

Fiecare produs al nostru este creat conform viziunii specialistilor firmei noastre, conform inspiratiei lor si dorintei lor de a raspandii nu doar lumina, dar si frumusete si fericire.

 Care este secretul acestei rezistente pe o piata dificila ?

Experienta si capacitatea de a oferii clientilor nu doar produse care, oricat de bune, nu pot satisface dorinta dvs de a avea o viata mai buna.

Doar sfatul competent, grija alegerii luminii din spatiul dvs. de viata si munca sunt acelea care fac diferenta.

Cum vezi lumea si cum traiesti in casa ta, totul depinde de lumina in care vezi totul.

Noi cream aceasta lumina, noi contruim atmosfera in care vei munci, vei trai si vei fi fericit.

Noi stim ca atunci cand cumperi un corp  de iluminat, tu cumperi lumina pentru viata ta.

De aceea adreseaza-te noua cu incredere.

Lumina ta incepe cu noi !

Lumina ta incepe cu Mark Lighting !

 lampa moderna1

Suntem aici la: EXPO MARKET DORALY, Sos.Bucuresti-Urziceni, nr.31, Pavilion P. 3 stand 596

Telefon:0040-722.216.845 sau 0040-729.144.618

Viziteaza-ne in show-room-ul nostru din: EXPO MARKET DORALY, Sos.Bucuresti-Urziceni, nr.31, Pavilion P. 3 stand 596, Complex Doraly Afumati

July 17, 2013 at 7:38 am


The Seoul Summit had just concluded, but his reverberation will be long standing. Everybody is agreeing that we are witnessing just the beginning of  an international custom on managing nuclear weapons and nuclear security.  Seoul Summit, if it was not exceedingly rich on international regulation,   had offered instead a successful model of nuclear security management, of relinquishing the illusory security offered by nuclear weapons in exchange for a world commitment to his security: Kazakhstan.

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea during his visit in Kazakhstan.


The world leaders have showered praises on the Central Asian country and his leader-Nursultan Nazarbaev ,top of the list being  United States President, Barack Obama,  who described Kazakhstan as a model for the world  and express his support for the country`s bid to host the International Nuclear Fuel Bank .

In this moment, when we are confronted with an insufficient legal framework on nuclear security, the need for a successful example to be offered as a way out for the countries that had pursued or are pursuing a program for nuclear military development it is clearly marked.

Kazakhstan is, undoubtedly, the success story of nuclear disarmament : dismantling an impressive nuclear arsenal inherited from Soviet Union ,with more than 1.000 warheads, prohibiting nuclear experiments on Semipalatinsk  polygon and in exchange obtaining security guarantees and international recognition of his borders .

International leaders express their appreciation towards Kazakhstan President- Nursultan Nazarbayev


In today world Kazakhstan and the architect of this enlighten policy: President Nursultan Nazarbavev had a long track record of  achievements.

Among others unremitting exertion for the nuclear disarmament Kazakhstan joined the “Group of Eight” (G-8) Global Partnership against the spread of weapons of mass destruction and ratified the 2005 Amendment to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material (CPPNM) to bring it into force by 2014 and successfully hosted the Conference of the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism” .

If to this list we add the impressive achievements of Kazakhstan Presidency to Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the hosting of the first high level OSCE Summit in Astana  in 2010 and the lavish and profound transforming Chairmanship to Organization of Islamic Conference we have the complete picture of a country determined to leave his mark on international arena.

Kazakhstan had not fall asleep on the laurels already won and President Nursultan Nazarbaev already used his country high standing to promote a regulation package destined to offer the possibility of further development of use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes such as: the adoption of legally binding nuclear safety standards, the establishment of mechanisms for rapid response in case of emergency at nuclear facilities, and the granting to all states of an equal access to peaceful nuclear technology and supplies of low enriched uranium (LEU), including through an International Nuclear Fuel Bank.

The mounting support of the world leaders to Kazakh President vision of a nuclear weapons free world   had offered a new chance for Seoul Summit. The value of this vision is reflected in President Nursultan Nazarbaev own words: Based on the experience of my country, that voluntarily renounced the world’s fourth nuclear arsenal, I can say that the real security guarantees are provided by sustainable economic and social development,”

 If the world will support Kazakhstan in sharing this lesson, than the mankind could have a chance for a better future.

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea MA, FINS, EDA

April 3, 2012 at 8:03 am


On 13 December 2011 on United Nations Headquarters in Romania was unveiled the special initiative on protecting natural areas of United Nations Development Program ( UNDP) .

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea MA, FINS, EDA visiting Chaguaramas Natural Protected Area in Trinidad and Tobago

On this occasion Professor Dr. Anton Caragea was presented with the appointment of  Goodwill Ambassador At Large for the World Natural Protected Area. Professor Dr. Anton Caragea was empowered to speak on behalf the ecological and protection program`s regarding protected natural area and to represent on world stage the necessity issues related to: integrating  environment into development , environment and finance, local development, climate change, sustainable energy, ecosystems and biodiversity, ozone and climate , climate strategy etc.

In his acceptance speech as Goodwill Ambassador for Natural Protected Area Professor Dr. Anton Caragea had appreciated the wealth of Romanian natural protected area evaluated at more than 23 natural and national parks that are representing a priority for natural conservation in Romania and for the world.  This regions will be a priority for me and also we have to emphasize the educational vision in promoting natural area protection and development, touristic opportunities, conservationist education programs and international aid. All this all the pillars of developing and insuring financial independence and sustainability for natural protected areas, concluded professor dr. Anton Caragea.

The discussion concluded with the UNDP Country Representative presentation of the UNDP plans main features: The natural environment is the foundation on which poverty reduction efforts and sustainable development must be built. Poor people everywhere depend critically on environmental assets and energy resources for their livelihoods and well-being. It is widely recognized that recent and ongoing global shocks, food, fuel, financial, climate change, have linkages, if not in some cases direct lineage, to environmental issues related to the use and management environmental systems and services. Therefore, mainstreaming environment and sustainable development, including climate change, in national development planning and implementation is central to UNDP`s poverty reduction and Millennium Development Goal mission.

December 19, 2011 at 2:30 pm

Clinica LARA LIFE-MED il aduce in Romania pe Prof. Dr. Norbert Pfutzenreuter – renumit ginecolog si specialist in chirurgie minim – invaziva

Clinica LARA LIFE-MED intelege nevoia pacientilor sai de a beneficia de cele mai bune servicii medicale si a facut toate eforturile de a convinge si de a aduce in Romania pe unul dintre cei mai experimentati ginecologi, specialist in chirurgie minim – invaziva din Germania, Prof. Dr. Norbert Pfutzenreuter, cu peste 35.000 de interventii endoscopice efectuate pe cont propriu. 

Clinica LARA LIFE-MED prin parteneriatul realizat cu renumitul ginecolog, specialist in chirurgie minim – invaziva si anume Prof. Dr. Norbert Pfutzenreuter aduce in Romania competenta si experienta serviciilor medicale germane de ultima generatie. Consultatia Prof. Dr. Norbert Pfutzenreuter are loc in cadrul clinicii LARA LIFE-MED.

Prof. Dr. Norbert Pfutzenreuter este fondatorul si directorul clinicii MEDNORD din Munchen, Germania. S-a nascut in anul 1954, a studiat si a profesat la Universitatea Clinica Heidelberg. In 1992 Dr. Norbert Pfuetzenreuter si Dr. Wolfgang Stolz au fondat Venus-Tagesklinik in cadrul centrului medical Mednord, cea mai mare institutie de medicina privata din Munchen.

Prof. Dr. Norbert Pfutzenreuter s-a specializat in operatiile endoscopice cu laser, fiind unul din cei mai experimentati din Germania. In calitate de initiator al chirurgiei minim-invazive, Prof. Dr. Norbert Pfutzenreuter a ajutat la adaptarea procedeelor de operare endoscopica, ce protejeaza tesutul si nu lasa nici un fel de rani pe corp.

Este membru in “Asociatia Profesionala a Ginecologilor din Germania” si in “Asociatia Germana a Medicinii cu Laser”. Totodata este autorul cartii “Nasterea fara frica” si este un profesor cunoscut pentru cursurile sale unde si alti doctori invata si fac practica in domeniul chirurgiei endoscopice.

Suntem mandri de a aduce in Romania pe renumitul ginecolog, specialist in chirurgie minim – invaziva si va asiguram de angajamentul nostru de a oferi servicii medicale la cele mai inalte standarde

October 13, 2011 at 6:55 pm


Between 28 of March and 6 April 2011 a European Union delegation from European Council on International Relations has realized the election monitoring for Kazakhstan presidential poll.

The monitoring mission was realized based on an invitation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan. Between 28 of February and 28 of March the Monitoring commission has under scrutiny the mass media law, the election law, the political laws and the Constitutional Law of Kazakhstan and had operated a surveillance of the measure taken by the Central Electoral Commission in order to insure a free and open election atmosphere.

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea , President of European Council on International Relations , declares : Kazakhstan elections where in compliance with European norms

The conclusion of the European Council on International Relations monitoring commission was that: the necessary steps in order to insure an honest and balanced electoral consultation respecting democratic standards were taken by Government of Kazakhstan. The European Union monitoring mission insured also the Election Day supervision, the supervision of counting and tabulation of elections results in a significant and representative number of sections and commissions.

The preliminary conclusion of the Kazakhstan monitoring mission was publicly presented on 4 April 2011 in a press conference at Ramada Hotel in Astana by Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President of European Council on International Relations . The press conference included the presentation of Preliminary Monitoring Report for 3 April Presidential Elections and official presentation of data collected on election day and on tabulation phase, the conclusion being that the Monitoring Commission is endorsing the Kazakhstan elections as representing the free and democratically expressed voice of Kazakh people decision.

The European union report endorsing the free and fair character of Kazakhstan elections was presented on 4 April at 14:00 hour being fallowed at 16:00 by the Report of European Parliamentary Assembly endorsing also the democratic process of elections held in Kazakhstan and at 18:00 hours by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization report also supporting the elections result.

Finally Professor Dr. Anton Caragea held the honor of speaking on Security and Proximity Policy of European Union at Euro-Asian University. This honor was previously awarded to Hillary Clinton, George Bush jr.-United States President and Prince of Norway- Haakon and President Emil Constantinescu of Romania.

The meeting with students and professors of university had marked a two hours dialogue on European Union realities and mechanism bringing closer Central Asia and Europe.

The final report of monitoring mission of presidential election held in Kazakhstan was read in a double and concomitant ceremony in Bucharest and Brussels on 12 of April 2011.

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea , President of European Council on International Relations , presents the Final Monitoring Report on Kazakhstan Presidential Election on 12 April 2011 in a duplex Bucharest-Brussels .

In the presence of Diplomatic Corp and a huge audience , Professor Dr. Anton Caragea , President of European Council on International Relations has presented the Final Report of EU Monitoring Mission concluding that :

The Election Process was on all his duration and in all his faze in conformity with international standards , international accepted norms and Copenhagen Criteria and is recognizing the April 3 Presidential Elections in Kazakhstan as free , fair , open and in complying with democratic values and criteria’s.

Today democratic and prosperous Kazakhstan is building a new euro-asian relation. Once Kazakhstan had obtained the democratic credentials European Union is having a stabile and open partner in Central Asia. The involvement of European Council on International Relations in supporting democratic process in Kazakhstan is a new bridge that is uniting the two countries.

April 14, 2011 at 8:19 am


European Union delegation visit in Turkmenistan .

Between 10 and 15 of December 2010 a European Union delegation from the European Council on International Relations was paying an official visit in the Republic of Turkmenistan at the invitation of Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

The European Union attended the International Congress marking the 15-th anniversary of proclamation of Turkmenistan neutrality. On this occasion professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President of European Council on International Relations  and his delegation where received by Turkmenistan President that emphasized his desire for a closer relationship with European Union  . During the talks was re-issued the invitation for Turkmen President to pay an official to European Council on International Relations in 2011. The President of Turkmenistan accepted greatfully the invitation

Also on the side lines of the Conference prof.Dr.Anton Caragea, President of European Council on International Relations has discussions with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey ,Ahmed Davutoglu  , Sergei Lebedev , Executive Chairman of Community of Independent States , Elmar Mamedyarov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan , Vladimir Norov , Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan and other personalities from Republic of Moldova , Belarus , OSCE, ECO and CIS etc.  On this occasion the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan addressed an official invitation for Professor Anton Caragea, President of European Council on International Relations to carry an official visit in Uzbekistan in 2011.

Professor Anton Caragea , President of European Council on International Relations and President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov of Turkmenistan

The European Union delegation was received by Turkmen Parliament Presidency and hold talks at Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Economy of Turkmenistan. The parties had agreed on intensifying the bilateral relation, the political relation being considered as excellent and was emphasized the need to foster economical cooperation dimension on bilateral relations. Also was decided to make efforts in balancing the economical trade deficit between European Union  and Turkmenistan by increasing imports of European Unions  goods by Turkmenistan. Also the parties had agreed to support the opening of Turkmenistan presentation stores in Paris , Berlin and Bucharest in 2011.

The European Union delegation also visited important cultural and economical institution from Turkmenistan as: Turkmen Academy, Ashgabat University, Archeological excavation site of Nyssa, Carpet National Museum, National Museum of History, and energy sector of Turkmenistan. On this occasion the Turkmen National Television filmed and broadcasted a documentary about the international activity of Professor Anton Caragea, President of European Council on International Relations and the significance of his visit in Turkmenistan.

The visit of European Union delegation in Turkmenistan was a resounding diplomatic success in fostering bilateral relations and in increasing the quality of European Union -Turkmenistan relationship bringing a plus of visibility and prestige to European Union diplomatic activity in Central Asia region.

January 10, 2011 at 11:02 am

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