Recently Cambodian Government spokesman Phay Siphan took a swipe at a bogus character named Lee Morgenbesser, impersonating as a political analyst allegedly based in Australia (at probably a degree mill called Griffith University as no decent university will employ such a trivial character).


The Lee Morgenbesser imposture made him the butt of all jokes in Cambodian press.


The official stated, “Lee Morgenbesser’s comments showed that he is an impostor used for practical jokes on the elections in Cambodia..he is not a political commentator related Phay Siphan to Fresh News publication.

He is the author of baseless claim filled with bias and subjectivity, in one word a midget of funny tricks.

It will be desirable for the opposition parties in Cambodia that are paying such impersonators to choose more wisely not child-like persons bereaved of any knowledge about politics and elections.

A short internet search demonstrate that Lee Morgenbesser is a self named, faked expert on Asian cuisine and a fan of computer games acting like a pen-named to transmit some childish messages for fake media outlets that are pompously named him expert.

A small query on his twitter feed reveals probably a teenager with a penchant for Game of Thrones and Bart Simpson that is used to send out messages for invented press and biased publication that need a so called expert to put out to the world their lies and fabrication.


As is illustrated in an article about this zombie like person (sorry, the word zombie is not from our vocabulary but is derived from Mr. Lee Morgenbesser self named political analyses) notes:


 The sausages expert Lee Morgenbesser is a funny character from a comedy book looking completely out of place in his role as expert in such serious matters as democracy or dictatorship (clearly more avid expert in Asian food after his twitter feed) he even pretends that the author some books (that do could not be found or appear anywhere and are as elusive as the funny boy himself . (you could read more on bogus expert here )


Phay Siphan pokes fun at fraudster Lee Morgenbesser


Under these circumstances the jokes of Mr.Phay Siphan look as well founded and we can only express our regret for the good times when fake media really search in their pockets for some real life experts to sign their lies and not use Bart Simpson..sorry Lee Morgenbesser to spread their messages.