May 6, 2011 at 4:15 pm

MOSCOW, BUENOS AIRES, BUCHAREST, BRUSSELS,   BEIRUT, DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Russian Duma Deputy Speaker, voiced Russia’s dismay at bids of foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

In press statements aired yesterday by the Syrian Satellite TV, Zhirinovsky rejected foreign interference in the Syrian affairs as ‘unacceptable’ aiming to destabilize Syria.

Zhirinovsky reiterated Russia’s stand by Syria blasting western powers’ attempts to weaken the Arab World as to continue exploiting Arabs’ resources.

For his part, Leonid Ivashov, President of Geopolitical Affairs Academy in Moscow, pointed out that the targeting of Syria is to deny it the continuation of its development as an independent prosperous country.

Semen Bagdasarov, a Duma member, described the events taking place in Syria as a revenge by the USA and Israel against Syria, who defeated the US prejudiced schemes and plots in the Middle East.

In Buenos Aires, Argentine, Fia-Arab Organization, underscored full solidarity with Syria against the conspiracy targeting its security and stability.

In a statement, Fia-Arab Organization said that the foreign conspiracy, behind which the American Imperialism and Zionism stand, against Syria’s stability and security would also mean the destabilization of Lebanon, Palestine and other neighboring states.

In Lebanon, Kamal al-Khair, President of the National Center in North Lebanon, described the ongoing events in Syria as a ‘political vengeance’ and as a ‘political struggle’ because of the Syrian pan-Arab nationalist and resistance stances.

Abdul al-Rahim Mourad, President of the Unity Party in Lebanon, asserted that Syria under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad would foil the foreign conspiracy being batched against it.

General Jamil Al-Sayed, former General Director of Lebanese Security, asserted that Syria’s possession of many pivotal cards at the regional level have angered many Arab and international powers, asserting that Syria would defeat the conspiracies and plots hatched against it.

Bucharest, (SANA)-The European Council on International Relations and the International Relations and Economic Cooperation Institute expressed support and solidarity with Syria against the incitement campaign targeting it, which includes all forms of lies, fact-twisting and manipulation of the events which took place in Syria.

This came in a message conveyed by President of the European Council on International Relations and Director of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation Anton Caragea to the Syrian Embassy in Bucharest.

The message included a statement issued at the conclusion of an extraordinary meeting held jointly by the Council and the Institute board of directors on April 27-28, which sends a strong message of support to the Syrian people and its national unity.

In their capacity as representatives of the intellectual Romanian society, the participants voiced full support to the Syrian leadership and people and backing for Syria’s unity, as they condemned vandalism acts in some Syrian provinces, describing the interference of the Syrian security forces as legitimate and legal.

The statement lambasted media which stirs chaos, vandalism and killing in Syria, stressing that the Syrian leadership is committed to the process of reforms and that President Bashar al-Assad enjoys trust and represents the Syrian people’s unity.

The statement concluded by reiterating standing by Syria and rejecting interference in its internal affairs, affirming that ”Romania’s support to Syria amounts to its support to its own people.”


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