Between 15-16 august 2009 in Viena was held the first meeting of EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON INTERNATIONAL RELATION ( EUCIR) the leading EU think tank.

The meeting was concentrating in shaping the future of the organisation for the next year 2009/2010 and to establish the main goal of the organisation. Professor Anton Caragea has read the manifest of EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON INTERNATIONAL RELATION : RISE UP EUROPE, a call for an independent European diplomacy and voice.

In his speech professor Anton Caragea has drow attention on the fact that : From the end of the Second World War Europe had suffered the cold war, the iron curtain and military occupations. This historical conjecture made it impossible for Europe to assert his unity as a continent, connected by history, culture, economic and culture legacy. The end of the Cold War change all this and Europe is enjoying one more time the chance of creating a common house for all his people. This opportunity must not be missed and EUCIR is promoting first and foremost the opportunity of creating a Europe, united by his legacy and history and not divided. Also EUCIR is the house for all does who think that Europe voice was silent for too many years on international arena. For too much the Europe position was not heard on key issues on international arena and humanity agenda. We at EUCIR believe that Europe is having the chance of asserting his voice, the power to claiming a new world direction, the economic resources to create the force in the world for a new tip of policy and the diplomatic and intellectual resources for a new world construction with equal opportunity for all, equilibrium of power and respect for United Nations. We at EUCIR we believe that Europe could be a force for good in the world , a force for promoting democracy , social responsible free economy and to create a climate of international détente and cooperation necessary to tackle the important humanity issues. We at EUCIR believe in an independent European voice of all nation that with a historical legacy and cultural connection build in the last two century could create new relation`s with all the major geopolitical areas of the world.

The meeting has concluded with the election of a new Board of EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON INTERNATIONAL RELATION .